Week 5

Technically, this is the half way point and I can’t wait for this to be over with.  It’s not that the amount of work is overwhelming, even though there is a lot of it – it’s the type of work.  SO much group work, that takes twice as long and throws off my schedule.  Group work is really like running … a 6 legged race, where the 5 in the group are forced to go at the pace of the slowest and weakest member.  If it was just me, yeah – the weekends would be busy and there’s a good deal of work but it wouldn’t be this unending frustration of being slowed down by groups.

What I don’t get is that – Walden (and all these online programs) are for people with busy schedules, that might not follow a traditional pattern.  Luckily, I work a fairly normal 40ish hr week, 8-5 but what if I was a night worker, doing 3-4 12hr shifts, depending on the week?  From my experience, when those people are doing their shifts, they come home around 8am, go straight to bed, get up around 4 or 5pm and go to work.  They can certainly make time for Walden or plan for their schedule but throw in the added drama of groups and I think it just adds unneeded drama and complications. 

It’s sort of … pay the piper time in Class 2 LOL  There are 2 discussions and the 3 week project (Week 3, 4 and 5) is due this week.  As of yesterday (Sunday), I had done nothing on it LOL  It also requires another stupid mind map.    Luckily, I got most of it done – about 90% – done this past weekend.  It just needs to be proofed at this point and to make sure the mind map makes sense but I feel sort of vindicated that my assumption that it wouldn’t take that much time was actually true. 

Class 2’s discussions are both actually a) interesting  b) relevant to a real working environment  c) taught me something!!  The holy trinity!! They are both how about to write emails about situations at work (improper internet surfing) trigger words, convey emotions, etc.   

And then,, the 2nd, was about how to persuade someone to do something (take a job they are great at but don’t enjoy).  Luckily, I have a lot of experience in both but it was still interesting and a bit of a challenge to use the trigger words they wanted (found here: www.copyblogger.com/trigger-words/) versus the words I typically use.  It was a bit of creative writing!  The “reply” aspect of this discussion is to reply to the persuasion letter and explain our ‘decision’ to accept the job or meeting to discussion or turn it down.  Again – kind of fun and something different.  It’s really a  needed break from the unending frustration that is Class 3.


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